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Cameron's Story

November 2016

Dear CAT Supporter,

It’s hard to believe that at only age 24, Cameron F. had already spent literally half of his life using drugs and alcohol. Beginning at the age of 12, when most boys were riding go-karts or going to the batting cages on weekends, Cameron was smoking pot with his friends. “I thought it was normal," he said. "That’s what all my friends did on the weekends so really, I didn’t think anything of it.”

Just like many addicts, Cameron’s marijuana use quickly moved to use of alcohol which then progressed to pain pills and eventually, heroin. He said heroin was the drug that “quickly brought me to my knees.” On August 2, 2014, he made the decision that would forever change his path in life — he walked through the doors of CAT looking for help.

Cameron went through the detox process and made another crucial decision to stay for the short-term residential treatment program. Successful completion of CAT’s 12-week continuing care program while living in a transitional home helped him to build a strong foundation and “get into the habit of going to meetings and working the steps.” When asked how his life has changed since entering recovery, his eyes express a deep sense of gratitude, while he thinks about the wonderful things that have come his way in recovery.

“I met the love of my life and now fiancé, Samantha, since I’ve been clean.  We are getting married next fall and I’m in the process of adopting her 2 year-old daughter, Harley, (who is going on 16!). Our 2-month-old daughter together, Madison, is an awesome blessing.  So between the girls and going to school at Cincinnati State, I stay busy, but I still always make the time for the basics — meetings and steps. In fact, I’m in the process right now of working the 12 steps of NA (Narcotics Anonymous) for the second time around.”

Cameron’s advice to anyone still struggling with addiction is pretty simple: “The only time there is no hope is if you’re dead. If you wake up in the morning, there’s still hope!”

As you consider a donation, remember Cameron and all the other men and women who come to CAT for help.  On behalf of all of those willing to stay for the miracle, thank you for your generous support.

Warm holiday regards,

Sandra L. Kuehn