Spaulding Recovery & Family Care Building

Changing the future of addiction in Cincinnati through holistic patient care.

Why Now?

We are facing a drug epidemic.

Approximately 19,807 Hamilton County residents are dependent on, or abusing illicit drugs
 (Reversing the Tide, March 2015).

Nearly 2,500 Ohioans died from an unintentional drug overdose in 2014, nearly four times as many as 2003, when only 650 adults died from an overdose.

In 2014, more than 80% of these drug overdose deaths were from opioid use – either the misuse of prescribed opioids or the use of heroin.

The numbers are growing. Lives are on the line. We must act now to change the future of addiction in Cincinnati.

CAT has provided compassionate treatment and encouragement to those seeking recovery from addiction since 1970, but it wasn't enough. The Spaulding Recovery & Family Care Building allows CAT to treat three times as many patients seeking help for addiction and primary care needs.